The Mathildis Coronet, 2017.


Sterling silver, 18 ct gold vermeil, pearls, antique garnets. Diameter at base 7 cm; height 4.5 cm

Image credit: Lindsay Cameron.


The Mathildis Coronet

The Mathildis Coronet is a bangle, fabricated for use in the image ‘Number Three: The Scales of Humility’.

The piece takes the form of an archetypal coronet, and is hand-engraved with the legend 528 80 6 24 12 1869; these numbers are all derived from the original card, and are in keeping with the cryptic inscriptions which are present in much of Young’s work.

The design of these numerals was partly inspired by the Studely bowl, but specific calligraphic numbers had to be drafted in the correct style - to suit a Victorian copy of a medieval coronet. The coronet is a functional bangle, constructed in sterling silver, gilded and set with pearls and reclaimed antique garnets which have a combined weight of approximately twenty-five carats.

Materials: Sterling silver, 18 ct gold vermeil, pearls, antique garnets.
Dimensions: Diameter at base 7 cm; height 4.5 cm

Techniques: Hand engraving, chasing, soldering, forging, mount-making, stone setting, riveting, electroplating, polishing.

A detail from the original card of the coronet, in situ.